We are designing an internal glass façade for a TV set. We are thinking in two laminar glasses (6+8 with acoustic PVB) separated by 300mm air chamber. I would like to know if anybody knows for sure if increasing this length the noise reduction improves or not, and if the chamber thickness is proportional to the noise reduction, if there are limits, etc.
It would be very grateful too any references to technical documentation, anything related with glass acoustic performance would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot,

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I am not an acoustic specialist, but nornally what I do just check the rough STC values from these tables and deduction of framing effect by around(5-10dB), and test it! For you case, if you look at the Fig10.17 last case in comparing with your case. I think you will get STC more than 55.


I've seen some acoustic specialists used the software called LMS Virsual Lab to model the whole facades. hope it maybe helpful for you.




Take a look at our Video on Facade acoustics;


Our facades acoustics experts would be more than happy to offer input, if we are able.....




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