Finite Element software doesn't converge in a non-linear calculation..

Hi all,

I'm working with a Finite Element software and sometimes I get 'not convergence' error messages.. anybody can tell the reason(s) that can cause a calculation to diverge?

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I think there are 2 reasons that your model doesn't converge...

1.your model is unstable! --> not enough supports?/too much deflection?

2.check your mesh quality! especially at high transition zones. Mesh distortion induces stress-singularity problem.

Good morning, Surachat..

Thanks as always for answering..

I make always a linear calculation before trying the non-linear analisys.. the linear works fine and I get a 2mm deflection only in 1.40m of element, so I guess this is not the problem..

Could be then that the mesh has distortions and works bad in non-linear and fine in linear?

Hugs from sunny Spain..


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