Heated glass facade (steel substructure) for swimming pool

Hi guys,

I am new in this network, I think it is great to have it.

I am doing a research about the topic mentioned on the title (basically it is about steel transoms or/and mullions which contain tubes where a hot fluid runs constantly along them for preventing condensation on the interior surface of the glass facade), and I was wondering if you know any project with these characteristics.



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Hi Dafne,

Josef Gartner did develop this facade "heating" system a long time ago - somewhen in the 70ies. One current project is the BMW world in Munich, Germany. They use the cavity inside the (steel-) facade profiles to run hot / cold water through them.

Do you still have some of your German ? here is a link: http://www.baulinks.de/webplugin/2007/1537.php4

Another project is the Centre de Conférences, Luxembourg with a facade by Anders Metallbau: http://www.anders.de/index.php/de/aktuelle-projekte.

Other links:


www.perlan.is (another project with water from a thermal spring in Iceland...)

So you don`t have to develop this new - it is available.

Hope this helps a bit.

See you,


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your reply. Your information helps a lot!

It is a little bit difficult to find swimming pools with this kind of facade. I've just found the Aquatics Centre in London (Seele).

btw... Ich spreche noch ein bisschen Deutsch =)




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