Anybody heard about a Master or postgrad in Facade Engineering ON LINE?

Thank you,


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Dear Jakub,


until now I havn't heared of any on-line master courses in facades.

What we offer in Detmold, Germany, is a part-time course, that enables you to study on the job.

So maybe that's an option for you as well?

Visit our webpage www.fassadenmaster.de to get more information.

If you have questions, let me know!


Kind regards,

Holger Strauß


Dear  Holger,

is that master from Detmold is in English?

Dear Mohammed,


yes, it is all in English. Therefore we have a nice group of people from all over the world in Detmold. At the moment they come from: Thailand, Egypt, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, Jordan, Bangladesh, ...

Visit our webpage www.fassadenmaster.de to get more information.

There you can also get in touch with the course coordinator Mr. Ashour.






Dear Holger,

Thanks for those information.but do you think I can attend the class days in Germany and then come back to Kuwait and continue like that as I am now engaged with my job here or may be I can get job in a façade company while I am studying?

I had contacted Ashour and waiting his reply but I am trying to get recommendation from you also.

Good morning!


The class days are bundled to weekends of two to three days - thursday to saturday. In between classes there is approximately two to three weeks time. But there is a lot to do next to the class attendence`: post and pre preparation, tasks, exercises. It works with going back and forth to Kuwait, but its hard.

To find a suitable (part time) job in the region of Detmold (Germany respectively, if you do not have good German language capacities) is as hard.


Still its a very good scope and the set-up with theoretical and hands-on learning is great...


Hope that helps a bit. Go to one of our conferences (next end of November in Detmold) meet with the course responsibles, participants of IFDC and get to know Detmold. That helps to find a decision.


Kind regards,


the master in San Sebastian is partially run online, but in spanish.

visit: www.masterfachadasligeras.com




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