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I have to model a laminated glass for a FEM calculation, and I don't know how to model the PVB between the two glasses. In Spain we use Timoshenko rules and in a simple calculation we just convert the laminated glass into a simple one, with a thickness equal to the addition of the two laminated glasses thick divided by 1.3 (case of we a laminated composed by only two glasses). But how would you model this for a FEM calculation?


Thank you very much!


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Hi Zigor,

In germany, we have a special software called SJ-mepla for Structural Glass Design. You can download a trial version for 2weeks.

The properties of PVB vary versus the temperature and load duration. SJ mepla also gives you certain values of PVB properties versus these factors. However, in practice, at the room temperature, the strength of both cases(monolithic and laminated) are the same from testing result from attached sheet. ASTM E1300 considers both cases are identical up to the temperature of 50C.

sorry, I forget to give you a website.


Thanks a lot for your answer! And sorries a lot for mi late response..

I already know the software, it seemsto be a reference in glass calculation..

Somebody also told me to find the PVB properties in the Dupont web, for the temperatures range the glass is gonna works, and analize the extreme cases.

What do you mean with 'the strength of both cases(monolithic and laminated) are the same from testing result from attached sheet'?

Thanks again!


If you look the attached paper, it has been shown from testing that both cases behave the same during low temperature, but if you rise the temperature up to 77C, the strength of laminated glass is reduced to 75% of monolithic case. As a result, ASTM E1300 limits the max.temp to assume laminated glass similar to monolithic glass up to 50C, otherwise, no shear resistant between panes. I think ASTM also mentioned the paper I gave to you.


Is it clear for you?

Thousands of excuses, Surachat..

I printed the attached paper, looked to te pictures but forgot about it. After sending you the last message I realized that reading it was also important, hehe..

Thanks again for your patience, and for the explanation. Could you send me the whole document?

Greetings from Spain!

I have a copy of first page only. The results of testing have been shown as I underline.The left (if I remember) is simply testing details for 5-6pages. I copied from the company I used to work with last 5-6years ago. Hence, I can't help you. But if you need ASTM E1300, I have the whole document, just give me your email, I will send to you if you want.


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