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More on Facades Confidential: the Steiff factory curtain wall from 1903


The Margarete Steiff factory in Giengen (Germany) is considered by many as the first curtain wall in history. And it was in fact a double skin curtain wall!

Why was it designed as such? Who was the designer? What was its relation with the Fagus Work facade by Gropius in 1911?

Come and have a look at Facades Confidential to find out more...

Added by Ignacio Fernandez Solla on November 27, 2011 at 17:30 — 1 Comment

A blog on Facade Consulting

Dear Josemi,

Thanks for this great initiative!

Let me add some content to the blog section of the European facade network. Since last summer I have started a blog on facade related issues. The blog name is Facades Confidential (there's nothing too confidential in there, but names should attire potential readers...)


Hope you enjoy it.…


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