Dear Josemi,

Thanks for this great initiative!

Let me add some content to the blog section of the European facade network. Since last summer I have started a blog on facade related issues. The blog name is Facades Confidential (there's nothing too confidential in there, but names should attire potential readers...)

Hope you enjoy it. Comments and suggestions will be more than welcome!


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Comment by JOSEMI RICO MARTINEZ on November 30, 2010 at 10:08
Hi Ignacio!
Your blog looks wonderful! You should have told me about before!
I will add your blog to the links of this EFN site, as I did with Renato's.
I invite you to use this site in it's several ways: forum, chat, blog, photos, videos, etc!
This is kind of an experiment, if we get to make it useful and it works it will be very good for the relation between the different masters on facades in europe and the people that is involved.

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