3.1 Documentation: EFN Workshop in San Sebastian


45 students from 12 nations participated the EFN workshop in San Sebastian.


Low carbon – high architectureWorkshop area / tent

EFN Workshop week in San Sebastian in cooperation with RWTH Aachen.

45 students from 12 nations participated the EFN workshop in San Sebastian. Students from the University of the Basque Country and RWTH Aachen joined the one week of detailing the concept and realizing the design. The course was supervised by Prof. Linda Hildebrand and Max Ernst from Aachen/ Detmold and Inigo de Viar from the University of the Basque Country. We started with setting up the workshop area with erecting the tent (10m x 5m x 5m) right before the main entrance of the University.

Experiences with tools were very different so we first introduced the basic tools with great fun.

Introducing the tools

In March we started with the first of two one-day workshops with the students in San Sebastian. In these sessions the assignment’s idea and the background were introduced; the performance of a façade is linked to a certain energy amount. Beyond the performance energy, building elements, which are produced by resources and energy, are design parameter that defines long-term impact on nature. In the future it will be increasingly relevant to keep the value of the resource and enable it to be applied multiple times in various functions. What are the parameters and how can we develop a façade with high architectural quality and low carbon? According to this the assignment was the idea was to design a façade with three functions with a suitable end of life concept. 

Fun with tools

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