European facade manufacturers and market - reports and statistics.

Hi there facade masters. Very happy to see this network up and running. My name is Martin Steenson and I am currently working on a market report of the European market for facade systems. I have basically just started this research and would appreciate to get your insights and knowledge to get a good insight and overview of the industry.

Basically what ever information in the form of reports, data, statistics or similar you could have available describing the market for facades and facade systems and how it segments into various types of facades and systems along with which manufacturers/competitors are producing which kinds would be highly appreciated. Preferably such report would provide a good overview of which are the largest producers in Europe/largest countries.


Looking forward to your feedback on this! :-) 



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Comment by faris ahmed on June 13, 2013 at 3:40

so exited for the next even coming through soon . 

i attended one last year they had these beautiful 

exhibition displays structures there too made up of facade . 

looking forward to the next one :D 

Comment by Holger Strauss on July 25, 2011 at 15:17

Hi Martin!

If your interest is not only business-driven, maybe it would be good for you to attend the next conference on envelopes - facade2011!  check the events area!

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