Photoshop will soon use AI to add dramatic skies to your boring photos

Adoble photoshop sky replacement tool

Take a picture of a person in front of almost any sky and you have two options. You can let the person stay relatively dark - but let the clouds shine - or you can properly expose your friend and let the sky explode and lose most of its color and detail. Smartphone cameras automatically try to combat this puzzle by taking multiple shots with different levels of exposure and then quickly stitching them together to try to balance everything each time you press a button. However, the results may look quite unnatural.

Adobe has now released the pinnacle of its upcoming Sky Replacement tool, which uses AI to analyze the scene and automatically replace stunning areas of the sky. Like all Adobe artificial intelligence initiatives, Sky Replacement relies on Adobe Sensei technology, which also allows it to do things like automatically remove objects from images without leaving a strange hole, and instantly select complex objects with unpredictable edges.

Replacing the sky automatically isolates parts of the image that it believes are the sky. Then you can choose from a number of included sky images - or upload your own - and take their place. After selecting the source image, you can change its size or orientation.

Although manual sky swaps aren't that complicated with modern Photoshop tools, automatic mode with artificial intelligence makes this effect more believable. The most important enhancement adds color shifts to the foreground objects in the photo so that they look more like a scene than they would look in real life if the false sky were authentic. The sky of the golden hour looks strange if the objects in your image have a distinct blue tinge, which comes from shooting in cloudy conditions.

Photographers have been working on it for years and there are already several software programs that achieve a similar effect. Skylum Luminar 4 software is another AI photo editing kit that has built-in artificial intelligence sky replacement. Luminar also sells various Sky packages as downloadable content if users need more options to edit their photos. For example, the Romantic Skies package will refund you $ 25 and you will get 20 skies in high definition in your pictures.

However, Adobe still has a major role in photo editing, and its Sky Replacement tool uses the familiar Photoshop workflow that so many editors, photographers, and artists have married. When you use this tool, Photoshop gives you access to the adjustment layers is used to achieve the effect, as cheap custom research papers so if you want to fine-tune the final product, you can launch it just like any other adjustment layer.

If it's a standard feature, it's likely to be appealing to real estate photographers and others who shoot in combinations of indoor and outdoor settings, where contrast can exceed the camera's dynamic range. Like any new tool, this one is likely to improve over time, but it is also likely to improve as users feed it more with their own images of the sky. Adobe has clearly tested the images that come with this feature, but it will be interesting to see how AI responds when users start feeding their own source images.

Adobe claims that Photoshop Sky Replacement is declining. However, you can now use it in the $ 67 Luminar app. Some creators have already started selling their own packs of sky images at services like Etsy for photographers looking to expand their library of replacements. Or you can just get up before sunrise, learn how photography works, and shoot the real thing.

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