In order to encourage you to use this blog to share interesting information I want to share some documents and sites dealing with what we call (in Spain) Ventilated facades. As you know their main two advantages are

- the rain screen effect

- the easy heat dissipation in summer


You can find an interesting explanation of the rain screen approach and the pressure-equalized rain screens in this document offered by the IRC, Institute for Research in Construction, from Canada.


You can also take a look at Wikipedias's contribution or John Straube's approach in Rain Control in Buildings (coloured).


After reading about pressure-equalized rain screens you will realise that the same principle works in many parts of the facades, for exemple: the windows, as Joseph Lstiburek describes in Drainage, Holes and Moderation.


I hope you had enough for today.


I encourage you to share the information you manage everyday when studying or working or to ask for it when you can't find it. Use the forum!!

Drawing by Alex Jutgla, Facade-Master, San Sebastian

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Comment by Alexandre Jutglà Nogué on October 11, 2011 at 11:47
I see my name under the drawing, I like it!!!! ejejej XP
Comment by Ulrich Artmann on January 3, 2011 at 15:29

What a wonderful drawing. I would love to do it the same.


The prinziple of drainage, what's shown detailed in the drawing of the blog, hasn't changed since decades.

The overlaping system was patened by Schüco in the early 80's. Now it is the standard of every facade construction today. The drainage and the overall ventilation is still used in the same way (Pic 1).

What was coming supplementally, is the additional break in the outer glazing gasket (Pic 2). This ventilation is now indispensable, because the fields of glass came more and more in a horizontal style, than vertical.

What else is changed nowadays, is the mass of foam in the rebate. Is the free ventilation given like before? Is the spacious of cavity large enough today?

We need the ventilation holes more than before, perhaps more than every eight meters.


Uli Artmann

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