New Report: Adaptive Facades Performance Assessment: Interviews with facade experts

After four years of interviewing 30 experts of adaptive facades our report is out. We conducted in-depth interviews with facade professionals from the industry and academia on advanced solar shading, chromogenic glazing, solar active and ventilative active facade technologies. For more information the report can be found here:

Adaptive facades can ensure step-change progresses in the energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy while improving the comfort of the occupants. Therefore, the purpose of this structured interview is to assess advantages, disadvantages and future expectations considering the adaptive facades. This work is a part of actions of The COST Action TU1403 Adaptive Façade Network. The objective of this report is to gain an understanding of how experts currently define adaptive facade systems, which simulation tools they use, the major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and treats of adaptive facade systems, key performance indicators they use and their vision for the future of adaptive facades. With this information gathered, it is anticipated that adaptive facade professionals will carry on assessment of adaptive facades. A qualitative study design was employed, using semi-structured interviews. Twenty-seven interviewees working in academia, practice and industry were selected. The interviewees represented the range of possible adaptive facade professionals, from researchers and designers considered optimisation in the assessment of adaptive facades. Also, every interviewed expert was asked to approve their responses and add any additional comment to their answers.

For Citation: Attia, S., (2019) Adaptive Facades Performance Assessment, interviews with facade exp..., Cost Action TU1403, Work Group 3, SBD Lab, Liege, Belgium, ISBN: 9782930909097

Available at:


We thank Taha Safy, Senim Bilir, Sebastien Garat, Dina Attia, Quentin Declaude and Romain Lioure for assistance in transcribing the interviews and editing this report. Without their contribution this manuscript would never have been published.

We would also like to show our gratitude to all interviewees for sharing their pearls of wisdom with us during the course of this research. We are also immensely grateful to anonymous reviewers and supporters for their advice and comments on an earlier version of the manuscript.

This research was supported by the EU-COST Action 1403 and Liege University. We thank our colleagues from the COST Action Work-groups who provided insight and expertise that greatly assisted in selecting the interview experts, although they may not agree with all of the opinion presented in this report.

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