SURVEY State of the art of Building and Adaptive Façade LCA in Europe

Dear Colleagues,

I share with you a request to participate in the survey “State of the art of Building and Adaptive Façade LCA in Europe. Stakeholders’ needs and challenges".

The survey is part of the project “Can Environmental LCA be considered as a design and assessment supporting tool for Climate Adaptive Building Shells?” conducted at the PDTA Department of Architecture, La Sapienza Faculty of Architecture. 
The purpose of the study is to gain general knowledge about the usability of a Life cycle design tool, represented by a parametric mapping for the designing of adaptive façades.

The survey is available in english at the following link:

The response time is an average of about fifteen minutes.

If you know any other architects, professional or experts in the field of Adaptive Building Skins who might be interested, you are very welcome to share the invitation to participate.

We truly appreciate your contribution!

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